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Water Treatment Plants

Our professional workers at Rollabss Hi Tech Industries, manufacture Water Treatment Plants utilizing the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. These plants are mostly used to purify waste water and convert it into a pure form that can be utilized for drinking and cooking. Our plants come in a wide range of options. Water Treatment Plants are available in huge varieties such as Automatic Water Filtration Plant, Demineralization Plant in Bihar, Demineralization Plant, and many more. They're known for increased water quality, best contaminant removal, cost savings, economy, durability in nature, environmental friendliness, no water shortages, and improved flavor and water quality.

Commercial Automatic Water Filtration Plant

An Commercial Automatic Water Filtration Plant is a very effective plant for cleaning the water.  Our trained professionals create these systems with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. These systems are extremely successful in removing pollutants from water, such as dissolved solids, chemical compounds, and minerals, by up to 99 percent. It aid in the removal of lead from drinking water, as well as releasing individuals from a variety of ailments such as high blood pressure, nerve damage, and infertility. Our clients may simply acquire these systems at reasonable costs, depending on their needs.

Commercial Automatic Water Filtration Plant Specifications:

  • Power: 2000 W
  • Type: Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity: 250-500 litres per hour, 0-250 litres per hour, 5000-10000 litres per hour, 1000-5000 litres per hour, 500-1000 litres per hour
  • Installation Services Required: Yes
  • Type Of Machines: RO, Softener, Sand Filtration, Ultra Filtration, UV
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Condition: New

Commercial Demineralization Plant in Bihar

Commercial Demineralization Plants in Bihar are known for their excellent ion exchanging rate and low operating cost. Purification technology of such plants is effective in effective removal of minerals through ion exchanging process. These plants contain two types of vessels. One vessel of these plants contains cation resin and in this specific vessel all the positively charged ions are interchanged with ions of hydrogen. The second vessel is used exchanging of negative ions with hydroxyl ions. This plant is instrumental in thorough removal of silicate, carbonate, chloride and phosphates of minerals. These plants are available with mixed bed and two bed design choices to suit exact application needs.

Commercial Mini RO Water Treatment Plant

Commercial Mini RO Water Treatment Plant Specifications 


  • Automation Grade  : Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
  • Plant Accessories  : Ozonator, Ultra Filtration Plant, Chlorinator
  • Material of Construction  : Mild Steel and PVC, FRP, Stainless Steel
  • Installation/Civil Work  : Available
  • Chiller Cooling Capacity (Tons)  : 1 ton,0.5 ton,2 ton,1.5 ton
  • Max Water Recovery Rate  : 70-75 %
  • Number of Membranes in RO  : 1,4,3,2
  • RO Capacity (LPH)  : 0-200, 200-500, 500-1000, 1000-2000, 2000-3000, >3000
  • Plant Application  : Industrial RO Plant, Domestic RO Plant, Institutional RO Plant
  • Number of Filtration Passes  : >5
  • Installation Type  : Containerized Plug & Play, Prefabricated
  • Brand  : Doctor Water


Commercial Demineralization Plant

Commercial Demineralization Plant is used as reliable system to filter water by adopting semi permeable membrane based pressure difference technology. Reverse osmosis membrane of this water treatment plant efficiently eliminates bacterial, harmful substances and organic particles present in well, tap and underground water. It can be availed in different diameter, filtration capacity, power usage level and per hour flow rate based choices.


Presence of this Demineralization Plant can be noticed in power stations, pharmaceutical industry and electronic arena. Treated water is also used for surface preparation, electroplating and cleaning jobs.

Components and Mechanism

Pretreatment accessories of this plant are made of stainless steel or fiberglass. Featured with compact shape, these are simple to install. Based on its application requirements, this water treatment solution is available with automatic and manual control mode based option. 

Pretreatment section consists of feed water pump for supplying of raw water, sand filter for thorough removal of organic particles, colloidal matters and turbidity. Active carbon filter of this section is used to eliminate chloride, color and other harmful particles present in fluid. Water softener is used to treat hardness of fluid. UPVC pipe fittings and automatic control heads are the other parts of this section.

RO unit of this system consists of PP filter for preventing entrance of all sorts of impurities, dust, iron and large particles inside filtration membrane to prolong its service life. High pressure pump of this section plays significant role in providing power to this unit. Pressure controller and over heat protection section of this unit help to avoid hazardous situation. RO membrane located in this section effectively removes sodium, mercury and other harmful heavy metals found in water. 

Ion exchanging section of this plant comprises of PP filter for removal of small particles of impurities present in water and booster pump for supplying necessary power. Ion exchanging resin of this unit thoroughly removes ions of water.

Control section of this water treatment system consists of carbon painted control panel, branded PLC, user friendly touch controlled mechanism and branded parts that have long functional life.

Based on specific application needs, this plant can be availed with mechanical or manual backwashing function. It also comprises of separate indicators for denoting TDS level, integrating water flow and pressure. 

Design of its RO Membrane

Spiral structure of this RO part has been produced by using multiple layers of membrane that were wound around a central tube having perforated surface. This specific component comprises of accessories like brine seal, feed channel spacer, outer wrap etc.

Safety Features

Offered treatment plant is completely protected against short circuit, over current, under voltage, creepage and leakage. In case of multi stage pump, this plant offers water shortage protection feature.

Commercial Mineral Water Treatment Plant

Most water sources such as deep well, river, sea, lake or bore hole are not suggested for drinking applications because of the elevated contamination level present. Besides, we possess the solution for almost every drinking water concern. Our company is regarded the best store for purchasing best Commercial Mineral Water Treatment Plant and water purification technologies. This plant can handle lifted water capacity differing from 500 to 20000 liters every hour. It is created from strong metal material that is a cost-effective solution for mineral water industry. The water produced through our plant complements the global standards of potable water as well as guarantees the greatest standards of health and purity to the individuals around. Moreover, the maintenance, handling and cleaning of this product is effortless. It demands least installation area as well as is profitable and sustainable solution for producing pure and quality drinking water. This system is integrated with different segments that are detailed below:

1) Chlorine dosing system

Over 3-4 ppm sodium hypo chlorite is delivered in raw water tank, which responds with water to produce a hypo chlorite acid that functions as disinfecting substance. Besides, demanded discharge and suction pipe system in construction is delivered with separation valves. The dose rate can be modified by the workers in compliance with the real requirement that may different on cases. 

2) Raw water storage tank

Commercial Mineral Water Treatment Plant is equipped with quality isolation valves and pipes. It is also ideal model for level indicator.

3) Water supply pump

A centrifugal pump of metal structure has been given for transferring water to sand filter and pressure unit. 

4) Pressure sand filter

It is designed for expulsion of turbidity and suspended matters from raw water. Inside this system. A bottom accumulating system is also provided. Besides, a consistent grade of silica quartz sand is transferred on the supporting medium of gravels and pebbles. It is equipped with metal pipe work alongside multiport valve that are installed on the exterior body. Because of this, the trapped matters become lose and flow out with waste water. This water flow procedure is called backwashing that is continued till the waste water coming out is transparent.

5) SMBS dosing system

The produced chlorinated water oxidizes the layer and to prevent the same issues, we have given SMBS dosing system, which is basically a chemical preparation tank alongside a diaphragm dosing pump.

6) Activated carbon filter

This filter can expel color, chlorine and odor while transferring the water via carbon bed alongside color and odor. It also has carbon granules that have huge surface area and certain qualities to assimilate organics. This unit additionally is integrated with vertical pressure vessel. 

7) Anti-scalant dosing

To avert poor water quality, this unit is provided in which an inhibitor for scale or equivalent substance is added in feed water.

8) Micron cartridge filter

This filter has of filtration unit of both small and large absolute and nominal micron cartridge. It is the best consumable cartridge as well as ought to be supplanted following days of operation. 

9) High pressure pump

For reverse osmosis procedure to occur, the water feed pressure requires to be lifted. Therefore, an upright centrifugal pump is incorporated that needs lifted working pressure. The equipped pump has quality pipe work alongside needed control valves.   

Commercial Doctor Water Treatment Plant

Commercial Doctor Water Treatment Plant offered by us has been carefully engineered under the brand name, Doctor. This is why, the mentioned plant is authentic. It contains a centrifugal pump made of qualitative metal that is used for transferring water to pressure unit and sand filter. The offered plant is also equipped with quality isolation pipes and valves, making it an ideal choice for level indicator. Also, the activated carbon filter equipped within the product ensures expelling of chlorine and odor while conducting the process of water transfer.

Commercial Doctor Water Treatment Plant Specifications

  • Application  : Water Purification for Drinking
  • Type  : Sewage Treatment, Effluent Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Water Purification for Drinking
  • Water Source  : Industrial Effluent, Municipal Sewage, Commercial Waste Water
  • Capacity Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour)  : 2000 m3/hour,1000 m3/hour,500 m3/hour,5000 m3/hour,100 m3/hour
  • Automation Grade  : Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic
  • Installation Type  : Prefabricated, Containerized Plug & Play
  • Condition  : New
  • Applicable Industry  : Slaughter House, Automobile, Chemical/Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Hospital
  • Treated Water Quality  : 5-6 PH
  • Voltage  : 220V/ 50Hz
  • Material of Construction  : SS/ CS/ UPVC
  • Manufacturing Lead Time  : 3 Days
  • Installation/Civil Work  : Installation Available
  • Brand  : Doctor Water

Commercial Arsenic Removal Plant

We are counted among the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Commercial Arsenic Removal Plant. Provided plant has been developed by using selected grade basic materials and state of the art knowledge to meet global specifications and norms. This plant is mainly used for effective eradication of harmful lead, nickel, boron, mercury and copper. This plant is appreciated for its low energy consumption rate, rigid structure and low noise generation level. Customers can avail this product at reasonable price.

Special attributes of this plant include:

1) Simple operating method
2) Energy efficient operation
3) Prolonged operation life
4) Strong construction
5) User friendly mechanism
6) Quick and simple fitting method

This Commercial Arsenic Removal Plant adopts different technique for effective removal of arsenic. These methodologies include:

1) Physical exclusion
2) Activated alumna
3) Precipitation
4) Reduction/Oxidation
5) Biological removal process
6) Lime softening
7) Ion exchange and adsorption
8) Solid/liquid separation
9) Filtration and Coagulation
10) Provided pant is basically used for eradicating
11) Arsenic
12) Copper
13) Iron
14) Mercury
15) Nickel
16) Zinc
17) Tin
18) Lead
19) Boron
20) Cadmium
21) Fluoride and so on

Commercial Readymade Box Effluent Treatment Plants

Low noise running, easy installation, lower power consumption and ability to efficiently work in extreme conditions are some other attributes that makes our offered Commercial Readymade Box Effluent Treatment Plants the best to invest in. We also ensure timely delivery at the doorsteps of our customers. Also, the entire housing is done in a manner that ensures easy access to all the components. As the name implies, this product is pre-assembled, thus, this plant does require no to minimum installation time.

Commercial Readymade Box Effluent Treatment Plants Specifications:


  • Plant Type  : Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day)  : 1000-100000 Litre/day
  • Automation Grade  : Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Water Source  : Industrial Effluent, Municipal Sewage
  • Industry  : Sugar Industry, Automobile, Paper Mills, Distillery, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical/Petroleum Industry, Leather Industry, Slaughter House, Dairy Industry
  • Brand  : Doctor Water
  • Condition  : New
  • Treatment Stages  : Primary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment, Preliminary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Disinfection
  • Installation Type  : Prefabricated, Containerized Plug & Play
  • Material  : Metal
  • PH Level  : 5-6 PH



Commercial Water Treatment Plants

Commercial Water Treatment Plants Specification

  • Material of Construction  : Stainless Steel and FRP
  • Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day)  : 10000 LPH
  • Automation Grade  : Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Industry  : Distillery, Chemical/Petroleum Industry, Slaughter House, Automobile, Leather Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Sugar Industry, Dairy Industry, Paper Mills
  • Impurities to be removed  : pH, Color, Oil and Grease, Turbidity, TDS, Dissolved Minerals
  • Inlet Water Quality  : More Than 1000 PPM TDS
  • Installation/Civil Work  : Installation Available
  • Control Module  : Control Module Available
  • Cooling Type  : Water Cooled
  • Power Source  : Electronic

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in West Bengal

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Arunachal Pradesh

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Assam

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Assam

  • Type of Plant: Water Treatment Plant
  • Treated Water Quality: 5-6 PH
  • Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour): 10,000,500,100,050,000,000
  • Installation Type: Containerized Plug & Play, Prefabricated
  • Automation Grade: Fully Automatic
  • Water Source: River Water, Industrial Wastewater, Municipal Sewage, Industrial Effluent, Commercial Waste Water
  • Application: Water Purification for Drinking
  • Installation/Civil Work: Installation Available
  • Manufacturing Lead Time: 3 days
  • Condition: New

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Bihar

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Jharkhand

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Manipur

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Meghalaya

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Mizoram

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Uttar Pradesh

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Nagaland

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Sikkim

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Tripura

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Odisha

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Dubai

Commercial Water Treatment Plant in Sharjah


Our main markets are West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Odisha.
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