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Iron Removal Plant

The range of Iron Removal Plant we offer is based in oxidation media technology. All plants available under this category are quality tested. Carefully designed and manufactured to meet the certain criteria of our customers while focusing on achieving the desired results of iron removal in the most efficient way. Buying Iron Removal Plant from us has been the right decision ever made by our customers as they get to explore different plants and have quite a variety to explore and choose from. Thus, they are able to buy a plant that meets their requirements that too falling within their budget.

Commercial UF Iron Removal Plant

Using our specially designed commercial iron removal plant, both metals and chemicals can be removed. The plant is fabricated with the latest technology and equipment so as to meet client needs. Quality controllers thoroughly examine this plant in terms of functions and seamless finishing. the equipped absorptive filter ensures clean and healthy water.

It provides a method for removing iron from ground and surface water using UF membrane-assisted oxidation, making drinking water safe to consume. Adaptable at the household and community level, this method can address high levels of iron contamination in a cost-effective manner. It produces crystal clear, turbid, and iron-free water, and uses a very low working pressure.

UF (Ultrafiltration) is a form of membrane filtration that involves pushing liquid against a semipermeable membrane by hydrostatic pressure. As a result of being forced across a membrane, a semipermeable membrane is capable of separating substances. Membrane processes are increasingly being used to remove particulates, bacteria, and organics from the water, which can impart colour, taste, and odour to the water and react with disinfectants to form disinfection by-products.

Benefits of Commercial UF Iron Removal Plant:
  • There is no need to add chemicals or need for pH adjustments
  • Filtration based on size exclusion instead of media depth
  • The water treated is of good and constant quality, in terms of particle removal and microbial removal
  • The compactness of the plant and processes
  • An automated process that is simple
  • Iron and manganese are reduced from water
  • Membrane fouling is prevented 
  • Removal of turbidity
  • Capacity for high flow rate

UF Iron Removal Plant Specifications:

  • Operation pressure: 3 - 5 bar
  • Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Installation Service: Yes
  • Capacity: 1000 -10 Lakh/ Hr
  • Recovery efficiency: 60% - 75%

Commercial Iron Removal Filter Plant

There are several water treatment processes for removing contaminants from water. Removing iron from uncontaminated water is one of those processes. We have come up with a well-engineered Commercial Iron Removal Filter Plant for helping businesses in smooth conducting of this process. Since this iron filtration unit has a media bed similar to the one that a water softener has. Therefore, this products functions like a water softener. Top-of-the-line material is used in the manufacturing of this plant while ensuring that all the safety guidelines and quality standards are carefully met.

Commercial Iron Removal Filter Plant Specifications:

  • Body Material: FRP/ MS/ SS
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Installation Service: Yes
  • Treat Iron Upto: 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 15 ppm, 20 ppm, 25 ppm, Greater than 25 ppm
  • Flow (cubic meter/hr): 0-5 , 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, Greater than 40
  • Capacity (litres/hour): 50 -10,000 LPH

Commercial Shallow Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant

Commercial Shallow Hand Pump Iron Removal Plant Specifications


  • Automatic Grade  : Semi-Automatic,Automatic,Manual
  • Installation Service  : Yes
  • Weight  : 100 Kg
  • Size (LxWxH)  : 1300x600x1400 mm
  • Product Capacity  : 1000 - 1 Lakh/ Hr
  • Material  : Stainless Steel 304


Commercial Iron Removal Water Plant

Equipped with carbon steel or stainless steel housing, Commercial Iron Removal Water Plants are used for thorough removal of heavy metal based impurities present in untreated water. These types of water treatment equipments are required to treat tube well or ground water where presence of manganese and iron is common. Mechanical operation of such plants saves labor cost and enhances their production capacity. Water Softening Plants are offered with electro polished, mirror finished and matt spray treated surface finishing option.

Components of Iron Removal Water Plant

Provided water treatment plants consist of washer and O ring seals and 316L or 304 grade stainless steel chamber. These use activated carbon, quartz sand, resin and fiber ball based filter sand. Flange equipped connector is one of their main highlights. Controlling section of such plants comprises of manual and time controlling arrangement and differential pressure switch.

Mechanism of Iron Removal Plant

As part of their operating method, untreated raw water enters inside water distributor of these Iron Removal Plants. Entered fluid passes through the layer of quartz sand filter that effectively holds impurities. Filtered fluid flows out and goes towards water collector. Cleaning cycle of these plants start to function when fluid pressure drop reaches to the predetermined parameter or value. At this stage, steps like rinse control and back flushing take place.

Several versions of these plants have plastic and rubber linings inside their tank to resist corrosion formation. Based on their design, these types of plants can endure maximum 3 bar of water inlet pressure and up to 120 degree C operating temperature.

Advantages of Iron Removal Water Plant

There are several advantages of installation of such plants. These include:

1) Besides eliminating iron, these equipments also come in handy for removing manganese and sulfur present in water. Sulfur gas generates unpleasant smell which in turn interferes with taste of water.
2) Iron treatment plants are also effective in preventing sediment generation in water. Sediments can affect water quality and taste which in turn prove to be detrimental for human health.
3) Automatic regeneration technology adopted by such plants improves their filtration performance. This filtration technique involves application of compound like potassium permanganate. This specific compound upgrades quality of sand filter in order to save maintenance cost and to enhance filtration quality of these plants.
4) Treatment technology of these equipments prolongs service life of filtering components and inhibits proliferation of bacteria inside filtration tank.
5) Act as reliable and stable option to get pure water.
6) Prevents toxin build up in water meant for domestic utilization purpose.
7) Safeguard plumbing accessories and pipes against rust.

Attributes of Commercial Iron Removal Plant:

This multifaceted plant is in high demand due to its wide array of features. Acting as an energy-saving device, it doesn't require much electricity to function at its peak.  What makes this product stand out from the rest is its ability to cleanse water with varying degrees of Ph levels (from 0-14). This diverse tool not only removes iron but also other hazardous chemicals such as arsenic, lead, and manganese in the process.  Broad in size, this sturdy machine is built for long term usage.

Other attributes are:

1) Effortless operation provided by this product's automatic features like its shallow pump 
2) Equipped with industry standard absorption filters to improve the drinking condition of water.
3) Equipped with four high-octane chambers for optimal filtration 
4) Low and easy maintenance
5) Long service life 
6) Customizable design available as per client's requirements

Water cleansing  mechanism:

Our Iron Removal plant undergoes a systematic process for removing harmful chemicals.

1) Filling the aeration tank with the required amount of water
2) Water is transferred into four specially designed chambers for initiating the iron removal  procedure
3) Water is transported through each chamber which gradually improves its quality
4) The removed iron becomes oxidized and successfully removed  once the water reaches the fourth chamber as it comes into contact with air 

Offered Iron Removal Plant is effective in the fast and thorough removal of heavy metal and chemical content of raw water.  This plant was built in our state of the art factory with the latest technology. With our main office situated in West Bengal, we cater to businesses all across Northern India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. We can supply up to 10 units per request with standard packaging.

Iron Removal Water Plant Specifications

  • Diameter  : 1-5.8 m
  • Automatic Grade  : Semi-Automatic
  • Installation Service  : Yes
  • Capacity  : 1000 - 1, 00,000/ Hr
  • Treatment capacity  : 5-250 m3/h
  • Material  : FRP/ MS/ SS

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Bihar

Commercial Iron Removal Plants in Bihar Adopts reverse osmosis membrane based water purification technology to get germ free potable water. Semi permeable RO membranes of these plants thoroughly remove bacteria, organic particles and other harmful content present in untreated brackish water or fluid obtained from well, tap, underground, etc. It contains standard components like raw water supplying pump, multiple filters, reverse osmosis membrane and UV stabilizer etc. Sodium ion exchanger of such plants is instrumental in removing hardness of water. Activated carbon filter and quartz sand filter of these water treatment solutions are effective in total elimination of all sorts of impurities in untreated water.

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in West Bengal

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Arunachal Pradesh

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Assam

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Assam

  • Body Material: FRP/ MS/ SS
  • Frontal Pipeline Material: PVC/ MS
  • Pipeline: 1 lot or as per requirement
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual
  • Capacity: 500 - 1,00,000 LPH
  • Installation Service: Yes

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Jharkhand

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Manipur

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Meghalaya

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Mizoram

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Uttar Pradesh

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Nagaland

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Sikkim

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Tripura

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Odisha

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Dubai

Commercial Iron Removal Plant in Sharjah


Our main markets are West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Odisha.
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