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Demineralisation Plant

Our offered range of Demineralisation Plant is based on the principle of ion exchange. Raw water is made to pass through a couple of small polystyrene bead filled beds. Thus, ensuring that the anions are exchanged with hydroxyl ions and cations with the hydrogen ions. This methods enables smooth carrying out of demineralisation process. Therefore, it makes our offered Demineralisation Plant an ideal choice to invest in for achieving the desired results. We can customize this plant in the specifications mentioned by our customers. Moreover, it can be bought by our customers at the prices that are highly competitive.

Commercial Water Demineralisation Plant

The innovative design of our Commercial Water Demineralisation Plant is compatible with almost every application. Depending upon the composition of the stream for the treatment, our offered plant can be customized accordingly. To meet different purity goals, the configuration of our system is made flexible enough. Using this system, minerals and other salts dissociate into their respective ions and then can be easily removed. Regenerant dosing system, control valves, piping and chemical feed storage tanks are some of many components that are equipped in our product.

Commercial Water Demineralisation Plant Specifications

  • Material of Construction  : FRP
  • Automation Grade  : Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Water Source  : Borewell Water, Municipal Sewage
  • Inlet TSS (mg/l)  : less than 10 ppm
  • Flow rate (KLH)  : 5 LPH
  • Voltage  : 12V/ 24V
  • Power  : 60 W
  • Max pressure  : 0.2 Mpa

Industrial Demineralization Plant

Industrial Demineralization Plant offered by us, is made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology under the supervision of skilled technicians. Before the remaining water is sent back into the environment, this facility is utilized to remove as many suspended particulates as feasible. This plant is very effective to use. The key advantages of employing these plant are its high cleaning efficiency, maintenance-free operation, high cleaning stability, low operating costs, extended service life, ease of installation, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. When solid materials decompose, this plant produces oxygen, which is required by both plants and animals living in the water.

Industrial Demineralization Plant Specifications:

  • Capacity: 0.25 M3/H
  • Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic, Automatic
  • Flow rate (KLH): 5 LPH
  • Water Source: Municipal Sewage, Borewell Water
  • Inlet TSS (mg/l): Less than 10 PPM
  • Pressure: Less than 1.0 MPA
  • Material of Construction: Stainless steel
  • Packaging Details: Wooden Box

Commercial Demineralisation Plant

Commercial Demineralization Plant is designed and manufactured by making use of premium grade raw materials and upgraded technology. This plant uses a process that can apply to any treatment technique that removes minerals from water. The architecture of a demineralization system allows for considerable flexibility to satisfy varied process conditions and purity standards. It is checked under various parameters to ensure its high quality and excellent durability. This plant is very effective as well as economical and safe to use.

 Commercial Demineralisation Plant Specifications: 


  • Material of Construction  : FRP, SS
  • Automation Grade  : Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Flow rate (KLH)  : 5 LPH
  • Water Source  : Municipal Sewage, Borewell Water
  • Inlet TSS (mg/l)  : Less than 10 PPM
  • Operation temperature  : 1-45 degree Celsius
  • Operation pressure  : 10 - 15 bar





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