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Water Softening Plant

Order water softening plant today for your facility from Rollabss Hi Tech Industries, The company manufactures and supplies this plant to turn hard water into soft water, with the purpose of making it ideal for consumption. Based in the latest technology, this plant can be used by paper mills, textile plant, dairy unit, food processing plant, and other facilities. This plant can be utilized for softening hard water for a long time, without a fail. It demands low power for operations, saving users substantial electricity bills. This plant prevents depositing of magnesium and causing clogging. This water softener plant can also be used in residential societies to get soft water, ideal for cleaning dishes, hair, skin, etc. This plant saves much money as it enhances the service life of appliances and piping. Whether you are located in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh, Ranchi or any other city in India, Rollabss Hi Tech Industries can supply this water softening plant.

Commercial Water Softener in Bihar

Subsequent to the pipe jamming because of mineral deposits, the pressure of water should be enhanced to push through. The channel narrowing additionally makes an error to productively move heat, compelling the customers to run their water heater greater to redress. Hard water prompts an assortment of issues, for example, foul pipes, scaling, and many more. Our company is giving mechanically propelled Commercial Water Softener in Bihar to offices and homes. This can be wall mounted unit that can be installed right next to processing systems and machines, overhead tanks, houses and allied areas.

Commercial Water Softener in Odisha

The offered Commercial Water Softener in Odisha transfers salts of magnesium and calcium with sodium to change over hard water into potable water that helps in creating additional foam for unrivaled and brilliant washing. Attaching this system with the overhead reservoir tanks, geysers, machines or plants will guarantee that the water the customers utilized is mellowed prior to their application. The produced treated water of our product creates more foam, utilizes less cleanser, avoids scaling, expands the life expectancy of the machines as well as uses less water for various errands.

Commercial Water Softener in Chhattisgarh

The offered Commercial Water Softener in Chhattisgarh utilize the top-class water treating procedures. This is perfect for both industries and homes. The smaller structure makes it simple to install even in little spaces. Hard water is changed over into usable water by transferring hard salts of magnesium as well as calcium alongside sodium utilizing a particle exchange process. This is performed with the aid of resin beads and our product charged of salts of sodium that hard salts and change them into potable salts.

Commercial Water Softener in Ranchi

Our Commercial Water Softener in Ranchi recovers naturally after every operation within seconds. This is created with though metal structure that treats hard water at faster rate without damaging the internal integrated components. It clears the pipes from mineral deposits that additionally spares the customers with huge sum of money and decent time. The delivered product is microchip controlled system that mechanically experiences 5 stages of recovery without manual help. This is minimal in design and simple to utilize.

Commercial Water Softener in Jharkhand

Our Commercial Water Softener in Jharkhand functions to process hard water by expelling the minerals responsible via a procedure acknowledged as particle exchange. The mineral particles that induce damage and hardness to the customers systems are caught by resin inside the system and exchanged for potassium and sodium particles. This product can bring down the electric and gas bill by preventing pipe damage. When scale deposits inside a funnel, the area accessible for water to go through strait. Therefore, our system is imperative for overall safety, hygiene and proficient operations.

Commercial Water Softener

Commercial Water Softeners are required to reduce hardness of water (meant for domestic usage purpose) in treatment plants. These types of softeners are used when deposition of suspended substance is noticed after boiling of water or sediment is accumulated inside fluid transferring pipes. Presence of magnesium and calcium in water make it hard. Sodium ion exchanging principle of such Water Softening Plant promotes adsorption of Mg2 and Ca2 to minimize water hardness. These automatic or manual products can be availed in different capacity, voltage requirement, working pressure and temperature range based choices. 

Water Softener Advantages:

1) Water softening materials are useful for reducing usage of different types of cleaning products that can otherwise result in emission of hazardous substances.
2) Useful to reduce maintenance cost of water heater and radiator caused by internal deposition of heavy metal and growth of virus and bacteria
3) By decreasing hardness of domestic water, these safeguard human skin and hair.
4) Maintain nutrients level of vegetables and fruits washed in water
5) Automatic or manual control 
6) Stable water quality and low operating cost

Design and Standard components:

Vessel type structure of these products is made of durable FRP material with up to 150 psi pressure resistant capacity. Advanced thread design of these products has made these ideal for civil and industrial utilization purpose. Quality of these FRP products has been determined on the basis of fatigue test and burst test. 

These water treatment systems consist of brine tank, ion exchange tank, multi directional valve and controller. Pile up valve of these products is wear proof for special type of surface coating. 

Operating System:

Mechanical flow meter and control section of these products have significant role in maintaining precision of their operation. Water softening and resin regeneration procedures of these systems are accomplished without error. Operators need to add regenerant at specific time for their smooth running. These can be used under maximum 49 degree C temperature.


1) Treated softened water is used for smooth running of air conditioner, boiler, power plant, heat exchanger, water pretreatment plants etc.
2) Application of these products prevents scaling deposition in solar water heater and radiator to prolong their service life.
3) Softened water is used for washing clothes and cars; for cleaning glass, ceramic and marble products without generating stain mark.
4) Treated water is required for drinking and bathing purpose


1) Application of ozone and UV sterilization technology.
2) Equipped with stainless steel filter tank, PE salt box and energy efficient pump.
3) Multi stage softening technique.
4) Consists of food grade HDPE made inner liner.

Our main markets are West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Odisha.
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